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TCP header compression on a Cisco router

TCP header compression is used to compress TCP headers in a network to save bandwidth on a link. However, TCP header compression comes at a cost in terms of processor time (delay/serialization delay).

Conditions: must be configured on both ends of the network to compress and decompress packets.

cisco_router1(config)# interface serial0/1
cisco_router1(config-if)# ip address
cisco_router1(config-if)# ip tcp header-compression

cisco_router2(config)# interface serial0/0/1
cisco_router2(config-if)# ip address
cisco_router2(config-if)# ip tcp header-compression

cisco_router1# show ip tcp header-compression

cisco_router2# show ip tcp header-compression

efficiency improvement factor = (bytes saved + bytes sent) / (bytes sent)

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