Cisco 8851 Partial Registered in CUCM

I’ve got a few Cisco 8851 phones that always come up as partial registered. I understand that partial registered usually means that one or more lines are unregistered or something to that effect. No matter how many times I reset remotely or power cycle the damn thing, it always come back as partial registered. To the users, everything is normal. Everything is normal so – meh. A few weeks later, got an aha moment.

Here’s what I forgot: our users use extension mobility and their device profiles were based on Cisco 7962 or 7965 device types and have all 6 lines associated with a directory number. Cisco 8800-series desk phones without a key expansion module (a.k.a sidecar) can only associate up to 5 lines. The user’s device profiles also have all 6 lines populated and after I disassociate that 6th line from the profile, things are back to normal. Well, it was already normal but you know what I mean.

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